API Errors

The standard Technopedia API returns HTTP status codes and JSON-based error codes with error messages.

JSON-based error messages are returned with an error code.
The following example shows the format of the JSON-error message.

"error": {
    "code": "E1234",
    "message": "Error Message"

The following table describes some of the HTTP status codes that might be returned:

Table 1. HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status CodeMessageDescription
200OKThe request succeeded.
400Bad requestThe request was not understood by the server because the query syntax or URL was malformed.
401UnauthorizedThe request requires user authentication.
404Not FoundThe server did not find anything that matches the Request URI.
500Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected error prevented the server from fulfilling the request.

The following table describes some of the API error codes and messages that might be returned and the corresponding HTTP codes:

Table 2. Error Codes

Error CodeError MessageHTTP codeMessage Description
E1000"<alias_name>" is not referenced in the ORDER BY statement and cannot be returned.400An alias that is referenced by the RETURN clause is not referenced by the ORDER BY clause.
E1001Unknown node "<node_name>" referenced in the query400The node that is referenced in the MATCH statement is invalid or unavailable.
E1002Unknown attribute "<attribute_name>" on node "<node_name>"400The attribute is invalid or unavailable.
E1003Unknown relationship "<relationship_name>"400The relationship name that is specified in the MATCH statement is unknown or unavailable.
E1004The return alias "<alias_name>" was not defined in the query400The RETURN clause specifies an alias that is not assigned to a node or relationship in the MATCH statement.
E1008LIMIT cannot be greater than <max_limit>400The LIMIT value specified in the query exceeds the maximum permitted limit, which is 1000.
E1009"<alias_name>" has not been defined in the query and cannot be returned.400To call an alias with the RETURN clause, you must assign that alias to a node or relationship in the MATCH statement.
E1021The alias "<alias_name>" is a duplicate and cannot be used.400The same alias is assigned to more than one node or relationship in the query.
E1022Invalid TQL: each attribute can only be returned once400When you use the RETURN clause to call an attribute more than once, an error is returned. For example, RETURN a.product, a calls the product attribute twice, which results in an error.
E1023The alias "<alias_name>" does not exist.400The referenced alias does not exist.
E1024Invalid LIMIT value "<limit>" in query400The LIMIT value specified in the query is invalid.
E1029Syntax Error: “<error detail>400The error message provides some detail about the type of syntax error.
E2000"Authorization" header must be formed the following way: "Bearer <oauth2 token>"400The authorization header must include the token by using the following format: "Bearer <token>".
E2004Invalid username or password401The username or password is invalid.
E2026Invalid Token400The authorization token is invalid.
E3002User is unauthorized403The user is unauthorized.
E4001Invalid URL400An invalid path is passed to the Technopedia ID endpoint.
E4002Invalid Technopedia ID400The Technopedia ID provided is invalid.
E4003No Technopedia ID was sent400A Technopedia ID is not provided.
E4004A Technopedia ID was not provided.404The Technopedia ID is not found.

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API Errors

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